Council Elections

Consider running for the 2018 elections!

This July, kinesiologists in the following districts will participate in elections to Council:

  • District 4- Central (one member of three)
  • District 5- Central West (one member of two)
  • District 6- Western

Your electoral district is determined by where you primarily practise. If you are not practising, your electoral district is determined by where you live. View the electoral districts

The College will be seeking nominations in May. See if you are eligible to run. If you live or work in one of these districts, check your inbox at the beginning of May for more information and consider running! This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to public protection and shape the future of the profession.

Not sure what’s involved and want to learn more about serving on Council? Stay tuned for details on a webinar we will hold for kinesiologists interested in running. View our Election FAQs and visit our Council and Committees page to learn more about what Council does.

If you have any questions about the nomination or election process, please contact Ryan Pestana via email or at (416) 961-7000 ext. 107. 

About elections

The College is run by a Council, similar to a board of directors. Council sets the College's strategic direction and ensures that the College is meeting its mandate to protect the public. 

Council is made up of:

  • Ten kinesiologists elected by their peers for three year terms, one of whom must be a member of an Ontario university’s faculty or department of kinesiology, and
  • At least six and no more than eight public members appointed by the Ontario government to provide the public's point of view.

While kinesiologists are elected by their peers, they do not represent them. All Council members are required to put the interests of the public ahead of the interests of the profession.

Determining your electoral district

There are seven electoral districts for the purpose of Council elections. Your electoral district is based on the location where you primarily work, and if you are not working, where you live. To view the districts and the number of kinesiologists elected from each district, click here

Election dates

Elections are held every July. The schedule is as follows:

  • in 2017, and in every third year after that, for the members from districts 2 and 3, and one member from District 4;
  • in 2018, and in every third year after that, for one member from District 4, one member from District 5, and the member from District 6; and
  • in 2019, and in every third year after that, for the member from District 1, and for one member from districts 4 and 5.

Running for election

To run for election, you:

  • must be registered in good standing;
  • cannot have been an employee, officer or director of any professional association or certifying body in the healthcare or health-related field for one year before submitting your nomination;
  • must run in the district in which you are eligible to vote.
  • (District 7 only) must also be employed full-time at a faculty or department of kinesiology at an Ontario university.

To view the full eligibility requirements, see By-Law 10.09.

Process for submitting nominations and voting

If you are in a district that is up for election, you will receive an email at the beginning of May notifying you of the upcoming election. This email will also contain instructions on how to submit nominations. Nominations must be submitted online. The College accepts nominations for about three weeks, and the names of candidates eligible for election are announced in late June. In mid-July and if you are eligible to vote, you will receive an email that contains your ballot. To be eligible to vote, you must have paid all outstanding fees.

The full election process can be found in section 10 of the College By-Laws

Last Updated: 02-06-2018