Strategic Plan

In 2015, Council and staff engaged in a strategic planning exercise to identify the College's priorities for the next three years. 

To identify these priorities, the College sought feedback from kinesiologists, professional associations, other health profession regulators, key decision makers in the Ontario government, and leaders within Ontario's healthcare system, among others. A strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities (SWOT) analysis was also conducted. 

The result of extensive analysis and discussion was the development of a strategic plan to guide the College's work from 2015 to 2018. The plan lists three goals that will help the College continue to meet its mandate of regulating kinesiologists in the public interest.

Goal One:

The value of the regulation of kinesiologists is demonstrated and recognized through public accountability.

This goal speaks to initiatives which:

  • help the public understand how the regulation of kinesiologists adds value.
  • enhance the accountability of kinesiologists and in turn, the College’s accountability. 

Goal Two:

Members are supported by the College in maintaining and enhancing professional competence to improve the health of Ontarians.

This goal focuses on the College’s provision of practice support to kinesiologists. Support is provided through:

  • encouraging further enrichment of university undergraduate programs.
  • understanding and addressing kinesiologists’ professional development needs.
  • ensuring that practice standards and guidelines are comprehensive, timely and meaningful.

Goal Three:

The College is responsive to the public’s need for information about its members, its policies and its practices.

This goal addresses public confidence in the College as a regulator that puts the interests of the public ahead of the interests of members. This goal requires the College to:

  • understand the public's need for information.
  • respond with openness regarding its policies, decision-making processes and information about kinesiologists that would be relevant to the public when making choices about their health care.

Last Updated: 02-16-2016