From July 12 – July 19, kinesiologists in Districts 1 (Northern) and 7 (Academic) participated in elections to Council. The College is pleased to announce that Heather Westaway was elected to Council in District 1 and Leanne Smith was elected in District 7. Both Heather and Leanne will each serve a three-year term that begins in September.

Following the May nomination period, Ben Matthie was re-elected to Council by acclamation for a three-year term in District 5 (Central West). Ben will also begin serving this term in September.

The first nomination period in District 4 (Central) and subsequent by-election did not produce any candidates. The College is reviewing its options for filling this Council seat.

Congratulations to Heather, Leanne and Ben! We are pleased to welcome them to Council and look forward to working with them.

The College would also like to thank Candace Glowa, Tudor Chirila and William Gittings for putting their names forward for election. In addition, a special thank you is extended to Candace for her service to Council over the past two years.

The new and returning Council members are joining a dedicated team made up of elected kinesiologists and public members appointed by the Ontario government who are engaged and committed to fulfilling the College’s public protection mandate.