Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You are required to participate in continuing professional development (CPD) activity to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date. The College does not require that you accumulate a certain number of CPD hours or credits per year. CPD activity does not need to be pre-approved by the College. Rather, learning is to be self-directed. You are encouraged to select learning activities based on your own needs and goals, and to reflect on how learning impacts your practice.

CPD Directory

Do you have a practice or competency area that you want to learn more about or improve? Are you looking to enhance your service offerings to patients/clients? If so, the College has a resource to help you. Check out the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Directory- a source of external CPD resources specifically for kinesiologists.

We are working to build a comprehensive listing, and we need your help. If you are aware of other CPD opportunities you think should be posted here and/or have a CPD service, course or conference that you would like listed on the directory, please contact Lara Thacker, Director of Quality Assurance at

*Current Council and non-Council committee members and peer assessors cannot submit their CPD services for posting on the directory. This may put them in a conflict of interest or create the perception of a conflict. Former Council and non-Council committee members and peer assessors cannot use their previous association to promote their services. 

More about CPD

CPD activity does not have to be completed within the year it began. Continuing activity (e.g. part-time degree studies) is permitted, provided it is associated with a specific learning goal(s) and an end date is given. You are still required to evaluate your progress on such goals each year. The CPD activity you select must help achieve the learning goals identified in your individual learning plan (ILP), and you must retain evidence of participation in each activity. Only learning activity that is directly related to your learning goals will be considered acceptable activity for the purposes of the QA Program.

The Self-Assessment Portal allows you to upload evidence of CPD activity. Your ILP can be updated throughout the year by changing your QA year within the Portal. You are required to maintain a portfolio that contains your two most recently completed self-assessments and ILPs, and records or evidence of CPD activity. For examples of acceptable evidence of participation in CPD activity, refer to the Portfolio Contents and Format Policy.