Unregulated Practitioners 

In Ontario, any individual using the titles "kinesiologist", "registered kinesiologist" or the designation "R.Kin", must be registered with the College. Using title without being registered is illegal. Individuals who use the title illegally are considered unregulated practitioners and may put the public at risk. 

The following individual is NOT registered with the College and is NOT eligible to use the titles "kinesiologist" and/or "registered kinesiologist", or the designation "R.Kin" in Ontario:

Leonid Rosentsveig
1598450 Ontario Inc, o/a NARSA
80 Glen Shields Avenue, P.O.Box 49509
Concord, ON M3J 2T2

Some individuals may have a degree in kinesiology or human kinetics, but are not registered with the College. These individuals can list their degree, but they cannot claim to be kinesiologists unless they are registered with the College.

Unregulated practitioners may not have the same training and/or accountability requirements as regulated health professionals. Members of the public who choose to use the services of an unregulated practitioner have no way of holding that individual responsible for the care or services received. The Public Register of Kinesiologists can be used to verify if an individual is registered. You are encouraged to report any suspicions of any individual using title illegally. The College investigates all reports of unregulated practitioners.