Support Ontario's efforts to respond to COVID-19

The Ontario Government is looking for additional health professionals to help support the province’s efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The government is looking for health professionals who:

  • have been recently laid off and are willing and able to work;
  • are working part-time and are willing and able to increase their work hours;
  • are registered inactive with their regulatory college and are willing and able to return to work;
  • are retired and are willing and able to return to work.
If you are interested in supporting the province’s efforts, please complete the following:

The form allows you to select a sector of the healthcare system in which you may work, including telehealth. You can also select your preferred hours and which part of the province you would like to work in. 

Please note that in the “Expertise” field, there is no Kinesiology option. Instead, select “Other” and then specify “Kinesiology”. 

For health professionals who are interested but may require childcare, the province is opening emergency childcare centres for health workers. Details will be provided at   

If you are selected, you will be contacted directly by the Ontario Government. They will provide further direction and necessary training. The College is not involved in selecting and deploying health professionals.

We encourage all kinesiologists, who are willing and able, to respond to this opportunity. Together and with the hard work and dedication of health professionals, Ontario will be well-positioned to respond to this challenging situation.