Quality Assurance

The College is required to have in place a quality assurance (QA) program. The QA program is educational in nature and designed to help kinesiologists keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

There are three components to the College's QA Program:

The foundation of the College’s Quality Assurance Program is based on the Essential Competencies of Practice for Kinesiologists in Ontario. The document defines the knowledge, skill, judgment and attitudes required to practise in the public interest.

The Essential Competencies help kinesiologists:

  • understand practice expectations throughout their career;
  • plan continuing professional development and ongoing competence; and
  • meet the profession’s expectations to ensure the delivery of competent, safe and ethical care.

The performance indicators within the Essential Competencies help the College measure the competence of kinesiologists through the self and peer and practice assessments. Together with the practice standards, the College is able to clearly communicate the requirements of being a registered kinesiologist.