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Bill 87 By-Law Changes

Bill 87 expanded the list of information that must be made available about practitioners on a college’s public register. Much of this information was already in the College’s By-Laws, such as the posting of oral cautions. The College’s By-Laws allowed for the removal of this information after two years, while Bill 87 requires that this information be posted permanently. The By-Laws were changed to reflect this. 

Other changes were made to ensure that the public is provided with the necessary information to make informed choices about their care. It is now mandatory for kinesiologists to provide, at a minimum, the name of their business or employer. A business address is also required unless it would disclose a home address. Employment information appears on the Public Register of Kinesiologists. This information is helpful to the public when they try to look for kinesiology services. Read section 21 of the College’s By-Laws.