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Removing registration numbers from the Public Register

When an individual uses a kinesiologist’s registration number without their permission, it is a form of identity theft. In an effort to try to reduce fraud and identify theft, the College proposed a change to its By-Laws that would remove the requirement to display kinesiologists’ registration numbers on the Public Register. This change was also recommended by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. 

The public and employers can still search for a kinesiologist by registration number, if the number is known. The registration number is not, however, be included in the kinesiologist’s public profile. The College has determined that registration numbers do not help the public in making an informed decision when choosing a kinesiologist.

This change is only one measure to try to reduce fraudulent billing in health insurance. It is important for kinesiologists to protect their registration number, and that they know how and when it is made available to others. It is not possible to completely eliminate the disclosure of a registration number as it is required on invoices, reports and other official documentation. However, auditing billing practices and asking appropriate questions about how an employer bills is every kinesiologist’s responsibility. If you suspect your number is being used inappropriately, you may contact the College or, in some cases, the police. Read the College’s By-Laws.