2023 marks CKO's 10 years of regulating kinesiologists in Ontario

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Council and Committee Meetings

Council Meetings

Council meets at least four times per year and meetings are open to the public. Materials shared and discussed at Council meetings are posted to the College’s website one week before the meeting. For previous meetings materials, view the archived materials section below.

Upcoming Council meetings


  • Feb. 13 (Special Council Meeting) – Agenda
  • Sept. 25 – Council Orientation

* Please note 8:30-10 a.m. of the December 4 meeting is an in-camera session where public observers will be excluded from the meeting. According to the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), financial, personal or other matters may be disclosed of such a nature that the harm created by the disclosure would outweigh the desirability of adhering to the principle that meetings be open to the public. 

Attend Council meetings

Everyone is welcomed to observe Council meetings. Please email communications@coko.ca to RSVP your attendance.

CKO makes every reasonable effort to ensure that persons with disabilities who visit the office for meetings or services are treated with dignity and respect, and provided with comfortable and appropriate accommodation.

Council meeting materials

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has all of the powers of Council between Council meetings with respect to any matter(s) that require immediate attention. However, the Executive Committee cannot make, amend, or revoke a regulation or by-law.

While Executive Committee meetings are not open to the public, the College is required to post notice of these meetings and approved minutes.

Upcoming Executive Committee meetings:


  • March 2


Governance and Nominations Committee

The Governance and Nominations Committee is responsible for the competency-based assessment of nominees’ eligibility to stand for election to Council, selection of appointees to committees of the
College and the assessment, evaluation and training of Council and committee(s) of the

While Governance and Nominations Committee meetings are not open to the public, the College posts notice of and information about these meetings to promote transparency.

Upcoming Governance and Nominations Committee meetings: