Staff Directory

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Examination and Registration

Lisa Groten, Program Assistant

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 108

Magdalena Reder, Registration and Examinations Coordinator

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 106

Keisha Simpson, Director, Registration Services

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 105

Practice and Policy

Danielle Lawrence, R.Kin, Practice Advisor and Policy Lead

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 104

(Contact Danielle for questions about the practice of kinesiology and College policy)

Quality Assurance

Lara Thacker, Director, Quality Assurance

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 103

(Contact Lara for information on the peer and practice assessment process and mentorship)


Daniel McIntyre, Manager, Communications

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 107

Finance and Operations

Nancy Leris, Acting Registrar and CEO/Director, Operations and Financial Services

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 102

Executive Office

Kat Elesin, Executive Assistant

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 101

(Contact Kat for Council and committee matters)

Vacant, Registrar and CEO

Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 100