In celebration of our 10 years of regulating kinesiologists

As part of recognizing our 10 years of regulating kinesiologists in Ontario, we invited Mary Pat Moore, the President of CKO Council from 2016 to 2018 and the Vice President from 2019 to 2022, to share how her work led CKO to protect the public.

Mary Pat Moore was a public Council member who served on Council from 2013 to 2022.

  1. What did becoming Council President mean to you?

It was a tremendous honour to lead CKO Council. As a former civil servant with experience as a board member for the non-profit sector, I was familiar with the challenges of promoting and protecting the public interest. I followed in the footsteps of previous presidents and worked with the high-performing CKO staff to ensure we, Ontarians, receive high-quality and safe care from kinesiologists.

The most fulfilling part was the opportunity to work closely with other Council members to resolve outstanding issues and make decisions that are in the public interest. We held honesty and integrity as our guiding principles.

Aside from my duties and responsibilities as the Council President, I was also the Chair of the Disciplinary Committee, a Statutory Committee that deals with professional misconduct. As the Chair, I conducted several hearings to consider allegations and make decisions on discipline cases that involve a high risk to the public, such as allegations of sexual abuse and fraudulent billing. It was challenging, at the same time, meaningful work because we must fulfill our legislated mandate to always look after the public interest.

The most rewarding and fulfilling part was the professional demeanour and careful considerations made by members of Council.

One major task during my term as the Council President was collaborating with the Ministry of Health to develop the College Performance Management Framework (CPMF) that now guides the performance of all Colleges across Ontario.

I also participated in a wide range of Committees to ensure public protection from all aspects. For example, the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) was a Statutory committee where we discussed how to resolve complaints and reports and ensure the professional conduct of all kinesiologists. My most satisfying work was being part of the Executive Committee, where we dealt with challenging issues to protect the public and worked out possible resolutions that we brought to Council for decision-making.

4. As we celebrate our 10 years of protecting the public by regulating kinesiologists in Ontario, is there anything you’d like to share at this special occasion?

I am thrilled that my niece and nephew will study kinesiology at university. I hope they follow through and become registered kinesiologists who will contribute to the health and well-being of Ontarians.

I was so impressed by the calibre of registered kinesiologists — they are intelligent, capable and very well-oriented in protecting their patients.

We, Ontarians, are fortunate to have such a dedicated regulated profession to look after our well-being. I truly believe we are safer because of the important work CKO does.