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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about what to expect on the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario entry-to-practice exam? About prep? Fees? Rewriting? Have a look at our frequently asked questions, below. If you still have questions, contact us at

No, calculators and electronic devices are strictly prohibited during the exam.  

No, an original piece of government-issued photo identification is required (e.g., driver’s license or passport). Health cards and student cards are not accepted.

Exam results are issued by email approximately 4-6 weeks after the exam.

Food including candy and gum is not allowed. However, candidates are allowed one small clear water bottle or a beverage of their choice.

Special requests to accommodate medical requirements must be requested in advance by the candidate and must be authorized by the College. Applicants who require accommodations must complete the accommodation application form. All requests must be supported by documentation. For a medical accommodation, please have the appropriate health professional complete the disability-related needs form. Please submit your complete request by email or mail by the deadline.

You can defer writing the exam to the next available exam date for any reason, including not being ready to write. Requests for deferral must be emailed to the College at least 10 business days before the exam. The exam fee will be credited in full toward the next exam sitting for deferral requests received by the deadline. Applicants who request a deferral after the deadline will be required to pay the full cost of the exam even though they will not be writing.

The College understands that unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to illness and bereavement) may arise, and that an applicant may not be able to write the exam on the date confirmed. Please notify us in writing immediately but no later than one day before the exam.

If the applicant is unable to attend the exam due to unforeseen circumstances that occur on exam day, the applicant must notify the College of their absence in writing immediately, but no later than five days after the scheduled exam. To rewrite, a letter from the applicant’s appropriate regulated health professional or other appropriate supporting documentation (e.g. death certificate, obituary notice) confirming the circumstance must be sent to the College within two weeks of the applicant’s notification of absence. An applicant who is absent on the day of the scheduled exam will not be able to rewrite until they provide the reason for their absence. Note: A partial refund may be issued due to unforeseen circumstances.

Applicants who are not able to complete the exam for any reason (e.g., technical issues with their computer system, missed appointment) on the exam day will have an option to rebook their exam within a given timeline at an additional cost. Applicants who choose not to rebook their exam within the given rebooking timeline will be required to pay the full exam fee. These applicants must also pay the full exam fee again should they decide to write the exam in the future.

If you can’t take the exam from home or office you can ask for special accommodations to write at a test centre. A request to write at a designated test centre will be considered on an individual basis and is contingent upon availability and restrictions in place related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can withdraw from writing the exam if you do not want to defer to the next available exam date. If you withdraw, you will receive a 50 per cent refund of the exam fee if the withdrawal occurs at least 15 calendar days before the exam date. If the withdrawal occurs within 15 calendar days of the exam date, you will not be refunded any amount.

A partial refund may be issued to applicants who withdraw within 15 calendar days of the exam date with a documented illness or on compassionate grounds. View the Fee Refund Policy.

The exam is divided into two parts with a maximum 15-minute break between parts. Each part is one hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes). Once you return from your break, you will need to re-secure your room. Account for up to five minutes of your break time to complete this task. So use 10 minutes for your break and five minutes to re-secure your room upon return from your break.

Remember that a break is only permitted between the exam parts, not during the exam.

Once you submit Part 1, a screen will appear instructing you to “take a (max 15) minute break” with an option to skip the break and move on to Part 2 of the exam. There will be no opportunity to go back to Part 1. You will need to notify your proctor that you wish to take a break.

Please note that the timer for Part 2 will automatically start after your break time has elapsed. Time will not be added back to your exam if you are late in returning from your break. 

The exam is divided into two parts with a maximum 15-minute break between parts. Time reminders will pop on your screen to notify you that you have one hour left, then 30 minutes and then 15 minutes left to complete and submit each part of the exam.

Yes. After you have completed Part 1 your exam, you will click on the “Submit Part 1” button at the top right. Be sure to review your answers before submitting, as you will not be permitted to return to these questions. Answers to questions in Part 2 also must be submitted in a similar fashion. 

You will need to show your government issued ID to a proctor on the camera within the guidelines and capture a photo of yourself and your government-issued ID using your webcam. The photo is taken for exam administration purposes and will be securely destroyed after seven days.      

Yes, you will be required to show all four walls of your room and your work area including your desk and monitor. 

Yes. Your exam session will be recorded and constantly monitored by a proctor.  

Choose a private room, free from distractions with no one else around you. Your work area must be a hard surface (not a bed or couch).

You will receive an email from the exam provider with a link and your credentials. Ensure you have Chrome or Firefox installed. You also will be required to install the LogMeIn Rescue applet. This file will allow you to chat with your proctor during the exam. It will be in your Downloads or in your default download location. After you have downloaded the file click Open or Allow to run the applet.  Wait for your proctor in a queue. It may take a few minutes for your proctor to connect. Then follow instructions from your proctor. 

Check-In usually takes 10-15 minutes and it’s not included in your exam time. The process includes a photo verification, room pan and workspace check done by a proctor using your webcam.

Proctors are your first point of contact on exam day.  They will greet you, confirm your ID, explain the rules, secure the testing environment, troubleshoot and solve technical issues as needed, unlock access to the exam, monitor the exam and the test taker during the exam. The proctor will also investigate, notate and stop suspicious and cheating behaviour.

No, applicants will only have access to the exam questions during the exam.

Candidates have three chances or four years — whichever comes first — to pass the exam. If you fail your first attempt you will be allowed to register for a second attempt. If you fail the second exam you will be required to submit a Remediation Plan to the Registration Committee for review. If approved you will be allowed to register for the third and last attempt. You will be required to pay the examination fee for each attempt you take.

The College reports results as “Pass” and “Fail.” Only unsuccessful candidates receive an Examination Candidate Performance Profile.

The Examination Candidate Performance Profile shows:

  • a breakdown of your exam results using average scaled scores, which are constant over every exam sitting. This enables you to see how you performed in comparison to the average performance of other passing candidates (i.e. the reference group) for each of the content categories of the Exam Blueprint;
  • detailed information on your performance in two specific content categories of the exam: (1) Competency Category (domains); and (2) Cognitive Level.
  • Please note that your raw score on the test form has been converted to the scaled score, and that you are not required to pass each content area to pass the exam. If you received a score below 450 in any of the content areas, you might want to focus more of your future preparation efforts in those areas.

To ensure accuracy in marking, quality control checks are conducted by our exam provider during and after marking each examination. To ensure accuracy in marking, quality control checks are conducted by our exam provider during and after marking each examination. Each exam is marked twice. Exam scores produced by two marking methods are then compared to each other to ensure their accuracy. 

You may submit a request to the College to have your score verified.  Your request must be received by the College within 30 days of receiving your exam results. There is a $50 fee for score verification of the exam. The fee can be paid only or by cheque. To submit a request for rescoring please email , with the subject line “Score Verification”. Please include your full legal name and the date you wrote the exam.

Yes, you may request an appeal of your exam results to the Examination Appeals Committee by completing and submitting the Request for an Appeal Form along with supporting documentation to You will be notified of the timeline for submission if you fail the exam. 

You are allowed a total of three attempts, or four years (whichever comes first) from the date you were first approved to write the exam.  Following a second unsuccessful attempt, you cannot write again without the permission of the College’s Registration Committee. 

Meazure Learning provides 24/7 technical support. If you lose connection and you cannot reconnect you will not be able to resume the exam. The College and the exam provider will investigate such incidents on a case-by-case basis. If approved you will be allowed  to reschedule your exam for the next business day; however an additional fee will apply. The rescheduling fee can be paid only by check payable to the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario. The check must be submitted within two weeks after the scheduled exam. We highly recommend that candidates have strong, hard-wired internet prior to connecting to the proctor to avoid any technical issues.

It is mandatory that you test your equipment prior to the exam and on the day of your scheduled exam. To successfully check your equipment you will need to download the Guardian Browser. Once you have installed the Guardian Browser, log into your ProctorU account and click the button that says “Test Your Equipment”. Please visit the resource centre for examinees at:

You will need to install the Guardian Secure Browser and ProctorU Extension to access your exam. We strongly recommend you install both the Guardian and ProctorU Extension prior to your exam. Please have Google Chrome set up as your  preferred browser.

To learn about equipment and internet requirements please use this link

The College has posted helpful demo videos regarding the check in process, booking your exam time slot and articles related to resolving some basic technical issues. For more information, please visit

The College follows recommendations from Public Health and the Ontario government regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that some test centres may not be open or available due to the restrictions that may be in place at the time of your exam.

Applicants have three attempts or four years (whichever comes first) to pass the exam. If you failed and wish to re-take the exam, you have to pay the examination fee for each attempt.

Please notify us by email by the application deadline that you wish to re-take the exam and we will inform you of next steps. You are not required to resubmit your online application or any documents.

In general, applicants who wish to register for their second attempt are required to submit the Exam Registration Form and the exam fee and must book their exam with the exam provider. Once you are ready to re-take the exam please notify us at

If you wish to register for the third and last attempt on the exam you must submit a Remediation Plan to the Registration Committee for approval. Please submit the plan way in advance so the College can prepare a referral.

To learn more about the Remediation Plan use this link

The College does not automatically register applicants for another exam sitting. If you deferred writing the exam you still have to register for another exam by submitting the Exam Registration Form, booking your exam with the exam provider and paying the exam fee (if your request for deferral was not received by the deadline). Applicants can defer writing the exam to the next available exam date for any reason, including not being ready to write.

Click here for more FAQs from the online exam provider about proctoring, what to expect during the exam, how to prepare, and how to register.