College Performance Measurement Framework

“How well are Ontario’s regulatory health colleges protecting the public interest?”

This is the question the Ontario Ministry of Health asked health profession regulators, like the College of Kinesiologists (CKO), when it developed the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) that measures performance in seven different areas: governance; resources; system partner; information management; regulatory policies; suitability to practice; and measurement, reporting and improvement.

Today, the College released its second annual CPMF, which provides updates on the College’s performance improvement commitments in those seven different areas.

“We’re pleased to share our latest CPMF with the public,” says Nancy Leris, Registrar and CEO of CKO. “Our results clearly demonstrate the College’s accountability and oversight in our work over the past year to protect the public. We are committed to regulatory excellence and ongoing performance improvement.”

The first CPMF released by the College provided baseline information on the College’s activities and processes against best practices. It also outlined the College’s performance improvement commitments. This year’s report focuses on how well the College has met the set of standards related to its statutory functions.

Key report highlights include the College placing a greater emphasis on monitoring and evaluation related to a registrant’s suitability to practice. Additionally, proposed changes would see an improved alignment with “right-touch regulation” practices and developing consistent criteria for disclosing concerns about a registrant.

The College has also enhanced the orientation and training of Council and committee members and, in collaboration with other health regulatory colleges, is working on an online orientation module. The College intends to implement the new Council and committee orientation for the 2022 Council election cycle.

Together with other colleges, the College is participating in collaborative initiatives to improve performance to meet new strategic planning and Equity Impact Assessments standards. Work is also ongoing to develop a schedule for the review of policies, standards and guidelines that support the College’s regulatory policies.

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