COVID-19 Vaccines

Updated March 22, 2021

The College is closely monitoring Ontario’s roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines and will keep kinesiologists informed as information becomes available. Review this page to learn more about the vaccine roll-out.

Getting the vaccine

As the provincial government begins to roll-out vaccinations across Ontario, health professionals are being prioritized based on the important work they are doing.

Each public health unit is developing its own vaccine distribution plan. The College is currently working with public health units to distribute vaccine booking information to kinesiologists. Public health units are contacting the College individually to distribute information on their behalf, and we expect this process to continue for several weeks. Please note that the College has no input into vaccine distribution. You can also visit the Ontario Government’s website to see if you are eligible for a vaccine.

Kinesiologists are encouraged to monitor their local public health unit’s website for information about getting the vaccine. At this time the College understands that kinesiologists can get the COVID-19 vaccine either near home or near work.

You can find each public health unit’s plan below. Not sure which health unit you live or work in? Find your local public health unit.

Information on the vaccines


While vaccination is not mandatory, being protected from getting and transmitting COVID-19 is encouraged as this contributes to the safe and ethical care of your patients/clients. When possible, we recommend all kinesiologists work with their employers to manage vaccination expectations.

To-date the College is not aware of any health professionals not being able to receive a vaccine because they are registered in an inactive or non-practising class. Based on the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Guidance for Prioritizing Health Care Workers for COVID-19 Vaccination document, health professionals are prioritized based on risk of exposure, patient/client populations served and incidence of COVID-19 outbreaks.

We understand that health professionals may need to identify themselves at the vaccine clinic. In addition to a letter from your employer or a pay stub, you can log in to your College account, click “Dues Payment” and right-click to print the page and use this as proof of registration.

Administering a substance, such as a vaccine, by injection is a controlled act. Kinesiologists can only do this if they are delegated the task by another professional authorized to perform the act. Kinesiologists must be trained and have the knowledge, skills and judgement to administer the vaccine safely. In preparation, you must understand how the vaccine works and be able to get informed consent from patients/clients, including explaining the possible side effects and having a mechanism available to manage adverse reactions. An individual should be available and assigned that can provide consultation to you if questions or clinical concerns arise.

The roles and expectations for kinesiologists who are delegated the activity of administering vaccines should be outlined by the organization. Someone should be available and assigned should questions or clinical concerns arise.

Importantly, you must understand that your professional liability insurance may not cover the completion of tasks that fall outside the scope of practice. Check with your insurance provider and organization about liability insurance coverage for completing the controlled act of administering a vaccine.


If you have specific questions about the vaccine roll-out, please contact your public health unit. For general questions, please contact Danielle Lawrence, Practice Advisor, via email.