General COVID-19 Guidance

The following page contains guidance and direction for kinesiologists. Check this page frequently for updates.

Guidance for kinesiologists


In a health emergency such as a pandemic, kinesiologists and other health professionals may be asked to perform activities that are outside their normal duties. Some of these activities may be controlled acts and require delegation by a practitioner who is authorized to perform them. If you are trained appropriately and given the required personal protective equipment (PPE), the College would expect kinesiologists to be flexible and assist their employer as much as possible.

We recognize that you may have concerns about being re-assigned and that certain circumstances may prevent you from being re-assigned. If you have concerns about your new assignment, please address them first with your employer.

We encourage you to follow all advice provided by your employer. Please ensure that you are following the College’s Practice Standard- Infection Control and the Ontario Ministry of Health’s guidance for health professionals.

The College cannot intervene/interfere with the decisions of employers. We encourage you to work with your employer to try to find solutions to minimize risk to you and your patients/clients. All employers should have infection prevention and control protocols in place to protect patients/clients and staff. For more information, view the College’s Practice Standard- Infection Control and the Ministry of Health’s guidance for the health sector.

You may wish to discuss with your employer ways you may be protected through the use of personal protective equipment, re-assignment or work that could be performed from home. Workplace health and safety committees or representatives also may suggest that employers protect employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially with vulnerable employees and patients/clients.

Yes. Deadlines for making mandatory reports remain in effect and in force during Ontario’s state of emergency. Learn more about mandatory reporting.