Core Competency Profile

Please note! Applicants preparing for the Fall 2024 exam are advised to use the previous Kinesiologist Core Competency Profile.

The College is pleased to announce the release of the updated Kinesiologist Core Competency Profile: Entry-to-Practice Competencies (Core Competency Profile)!

What is the Core Competency Profile?

The Core Competency Profile is a collection of validated statements that describe the performance required to demonstrate competency in the profession at the time of entering the profession.

Why is it important?

Revalidating the Core Competency Profile is an important milestone for the profession, as the Core Competency Profile forms the basis of kinesiologists’ self-assessment and Quality Assurance requirements, the College’s Practice Standards and the Essential Competencies of Practice for Kinesiologists in Ontario document. The Core Competency Profile is also the foundation for the entry-to-practice examination’s Exam Blueprint, which has been updated as part of this review.

How was it updated?

The psychometrician-led review spanned more than a year and was based on feedback from:

The updated Core Competency Profile and Exam Blueprint were approved by Council in March 2024, and the changes will be reflected in the Entry-to-Practice Examination starting in April 2025.

What’s next?

Moving forward, the College will begin the following work:

The College thanks all participants for their feedback, insight and time to support this important review!


If you have any questions regarding the Core Competency Profile, please email info@coko.ca.