Three things to remember about your name and designation

1) You must report all names used in practice to the College
Any names used in the course of your professional work must be reported to the College. This includes nicknames or shortened versions of your name. For example, if your first name is Michael and you are commonly called Mike in practice, both names must be reported to the College.

2) You must report changes to your legal name to the College
If your legal name has changed for any reason, you must report this change to the College and submit documentation confirming the change. The most common example is a kinesiologist who marries and changes their last name. They must report this change to the College and provide a copy of the marriage certificate as soon as possible.

3) You must use your R.Kin designation in all professional communications
You must include your “Kinesiologist” designation after your name in all correspondence with patients/clients, insurance companies and the College, to name a few examples. You may also use “Registered Kinesiologist” or “R.Kin”. Your designation must be used after your name on a professional website, professional social media accounts and any other advertising materials. Designations other than those noted above can be used after the “Kinesiologist” designation. For more information, view the College’s Practice Guideline- Use of Title and Designations.

Why are these things important? When the College has all legal names and nicknames used in practice on file and up-to-date, it is easier for patients/clients to look up your profile on “Find a Kinesiologist” and verify that you are registered and in good standing. The “R.Kin” designation indicates that you are a regulated health professional and provides assurance to patients/clients that you meet professional standards and are held responsible for your practice by a regulatory body.

If you would like to report a name change to the College of if you have questions about use of titles and designations, email the College.