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Why doesn’t the College set fees for kinesiology services?

The College exists to protect the public interest. In the context of fees and billing, protecting the public means that the College ensures kinesiologists charge reasonable rates. This is explained in the Fees and Billing Practice Standard and Practice Guideline. The documents lay out the principles that you must follow when setting your fees, and allows you to determine what is reasonable within the context of your practice.

Setting specific fees for kinesiology services is not an activity that helps protect the public. It is an advocacy activity and the College cannot engage in this work on behalf of the profession.

If you are unsure what you should charge, you can call one of the professional associations for guidance, ask your fellow kinesiologists or do your own research. You should consult the Practice Standard for factors to consider, such as years of experience, practice location and size of practice. College staff cannot confirm that your fees are reasonable.

There are other principles and guidance provided in the standard and guideline, such as fees must be transparent and consistent. It also lays out the parameters in which block fees can be offered.

What about HST?

If applicable, the service fee should include HST, either in addition to the set fee or inclusive of it. Regardless of how you choose to include HST, it must be clear on the fee schedule and your invoices.