Registered Kinesiologists and those who employ or work with them must report certain information to CKO to protect the public. 

Mandatory reporting helps bring important information about a kinesiologist’s practice and conduct to CKO, such as possible professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity. Upon receiving the information, CKO will investigate and make a decision about the Kinesiologist’s practice and/or conduct to protect the public. 

Kinesiologists’ Mandatory Reporting Obligations

As a Registered Kinesiologist, it’s your responsibility to ensure your information is correct and up-to-date on CKO’s Public Register. You must notify CKO by email within 30 days of any changes to your:

In addition, you must also report minor traffic infractions within 30 days of the ticket.

Employers’ Mandatory Reporting Obligations

As an employer, you are required to file a mandatory reporting form for any of the following:

Learn more about reports related to terminations, restrictions, and / or investigations.

Visit CKO’s mandatory reporting information page  to learn more.

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