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Frequently asked practice questions- July 2020 edition

“PT” is a protected title in Ontario that can only be used by registered physiotherapists. Using the “PT” title if you are not a registered physiotherapist means you are holding out as a physiotherapist and that is considered professional misconduct.

A title or designation is a representation of yourself and creates expectations about you. The public makes certain assumptions about a person’s skills and knowledge when they see a title of a regulated health profession. Misrepresenting yourself erodes the trust of your patients/clients and other health professionals.

Make sure you are using appropriate titles: Registered Kinesiologist; Kinesiologist; or R.Kin. Kinesiologists cannot make up their own titles or abbreviations like “Clinical Kinesiologist”, and “Certified Kinesiologist” can no longer be used in Ontario.

If you see another kinesiologist not following these standards, have a conversation with them. If you don’t see any change, contact the College to discuss your concerns.

View the Practice Guideline- Use of Title and Designations for a detailed list of permitted titles

Kinesiologists should include their professional designation on any professional communication (emails, letters, etc.), on invoices, when communicating with the College and on any professional social media accounts. For example, if you have a LinkedIn account, “R.Kin” should be listed after your name in the headline.

The title “kinesiologist” must be listed immediately after your name. It may be followed by a recognized degree, diploma or certificate. If you are registered in another profession, it is your choice which title to use first; however, it is advisable to list first the title of the profession you practise the majority of the time.

Being in non-clinical practice does not eliminate the need for a kinesiologist to indicate they are a regulated professional. The public must know that they have recourse to the College if they have any concerns about the conduct of a kinesiologist.

View the Practice Guideline- Use of Title and Designations

Even if you are registered in another profession, when you are providing kinesiology services, you must follow the Practice Standard- Advertising. Kinesiologists cannot use testimonials. The standard applies to both clinical and non-clinical practice.

Skill endorsements on LinkedIn are permitted. LinkedIn serves as a recruitment tool and differs from other social media used for direct advertising. However, kinesiologists should not solicit endorsements from individual patients/clients. Remember that any comments or statements that cannot be substantiated cannot appear in any advertisements or on social media.

You also cannot allow others to post misleading comments or testimonials about your practice on your social media or on any other person’s social media. If you become aware of any statements about you or your practice that are in breach of the Practice Standard- Advertising, you are responsible for taking reasonable measures to have them removed. You should attempt, at the very least, to ask an employer, or other individual or entity, to remove any unprofessional references to you as a practitioner. Kinesiologists are responsible for advertisements about their practice regardless of whether or not the advertisement is made by the individual kinesiologist.

View the Practice Standard- Advertising and the Practice Guideline- Advertising