To help identify learning opportunities and facilitate communication between kinesiologists and CKO,  CKO launched a series of Practice Standard and Guideline surveys in March. The second survey was about the Practice Standard – Record Keeping. This survey was published in the May issue of @ CKO, the College’s official e-newsletter.  

We are pleased to provide a report on the survey results. Some of the highlights: 100% of kinesiologists who completed the survey correctly responded that records must be: 

All kinesiologists responding to the survey also knew that they are required to maintain Equipment Service Records, Financial Records and Patient/Client Records.  

The Practice Standard includes a list of what is to be contained in the patient client record. Based on the survey results, kinesiologists may wish to reflect on how well their patient/client records capture all of these elements, including (but not limited to); 

The following resources may help with questions about the Practice Standard – Record Keeping: 

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond, and we look forward to your continued engagement with this survey series! 

Questions and/or feedback about the survey, and Practice Standards and Guidelines?