To fulfill our public protection mandate, CKO creates Practice Standards and Guidelines to ensure that kinesiologists provide safe and ethical treatment, care and services to their patients/clients. Kinesiologists must understand and follow these Practice Standards and Guidelines.  

To help identify learning opportunities and facilitate communication between kinesiologists and CKO, CKO is continuing its series of surveys regarding Practice Standards and Guidelines. The third survey of this series is related to Advertising, another frequently arising topic in 2023. Such questions, which come from kinesiologists, their patients/clients and colleagues, may include:  

To help understand kinesiologist’s needs and encourage reflection on how documentation may protect patients/clients and the public, the second survey of this series is focused on the Practice Standard – Advertising.  

All kinesiologists are invited to complete this short and anonymous survey. Your response will help CKO understand kinesiologists’ needs and provide additional resources to ensure kinesiologists’ practice remains safe, ethical and of high quality. This survey may also be an opportunity for you to reflect on your knowledge and understanding of the Practice Standard and identify individual learning goals. 

The survey results will be shared in the July issue of the newsletter.   

Questions about the survey and Practice Standards and Guidelines? Email