On December 21, 2020, the Ontario Government announced that the entire province will move into a lockdown at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, December 26, 2020. This lockdown will last:

What this announcement means for R.Kins
Regulated health professionals like kinesiologists may continue to practise, with some exceptions.

The restrictions on gyms and fitness facilities only apply to kinesiologists who own/operate or work at a facility for indoor sports and indoor recreational fitness activities. If a kinesiologist owns such a facility and wishes to use the space for one client at a time (i.e. no indoor group classes or multiple clients at time), this is permitted so long as the College’s guidance is followed. You may also provide services virtually.

General COVID-19 reminders
All kinesiologists are encouraged to review the College’s COVID-19 guidance, which was updated on December 10, 2020. Below are some reminders:

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Lawrence, the College’s Practice Advisor, via email.

We understand that this is a challenging time, and that information is changing quickly. We appreciate your patience as we monitor and interpret this information and, most importantly, your unwavering commitment to providing safe care to your patients/clients.